26 year old mare drinks it right down…

My 26 year old mare stopped drinking water almost completely this winter. Obviously, I was very concerned and have been trying everything to get her to drink. Adding flavor to her water, scrubbing buckets, warm water does not work with her. When I heard about Horse Quencher I immediately ordered and waited anxiously for it. (thank you for shipping so quickly!) The first time I offered it to her, (…I let her watch me put in the Quencher and add the water) I gave her 1/2 packet in 1/2 gallon of tepid water and she drank it right down, so I gave her the other half in another 1/2 gallon of water. Now she knows the drill, she doesn’t hesitate to drink knowing the treat will be at the bottom. What a great idea and fantastic product. Thank you!
Ellen Baker

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