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Rolex Wrap Up

Wow, what a whirlwind weekend. From moving dressage performances to breath catching moments on the cross country course, to a down to the wire (or penalty, rather) show jumping day that had everyone cheering, this Rolex was simply amazing. As a part of the Horse Quencher team, we were thrilled to be there, and big thanks to Thornhill for giving us space in front of their tent. Friday’s rain didn’t last long, and the beautiful weather that came through for the rest of Rolex made for an incredible weekend.

Big cheers to the Horse Quencher riders, Buck Davidson and Hawley Bennett, who both had fantastic outings. Buck finished 3rd on Ballynoe Castle RM and Hawley Bennett and Gin and Juice (an avid Root Beer Horse Quencher fan) landed in 16th after a lightning fast jumping round that saw 8 faults.  However, everything going on in the ring was just a part of the great happenings at Rolex. Below, we’ve got a recap of Horse Quencher’s week at Rolex in pictures for you to enjoy.

Sorry you missed out on the fun? No worries, we’re always out and about. Come find us at the Jersey Fresh CIC**/CCI*** on the cross country course Saturday, May 10th!

Nancy with Leslie at the Eventing Nation tailgate

Nancy with Leslie at the Eventing Nation tailgate

Fans waiting for Hawley at the Horse Quencher booth

Fans waiting for Hawley at the Horse Quencher booth

Hawley signed autographs for fans

Hawley signed autographs for fans

Picking the winners for our drawing at Rolex

Picking the winners for our drawing at Rolex



Dallas says: “Hey, keep away from MY Horse Quencher !”

HQ - dallas running head onHello; I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I love your Quencher!  I met you and your husband at the Equine Affaire in Springfield Mass this past November.  Your Marketing pitch was great and  I bought a bag of the Quench…her because of concerns about my horse “Dallas” not drinking enough when we are traveling or in the Winter. Well that is no longer a concern for me because of your product. Dallas drinks his water everyday and everywhere we are and he loves the flavor. In fact, I have to add some water to his pail before placing the proper amount of Quencher in the pail or he will gobble it up before I can fill it!!. Thanks so much for the help that you have given me by producing such a great product.. I couldn’t be happier with it or more at ease knowing I don’t have to worry about him getting the proper amount of water anymore. Now my biggest challenge is keeping the other horses out of his water pail!..
Thanks again,
A very happy customer
Penny Lamb & Dallas

Surprize! Catarima loves BUTTERSCOTCH..

My Peruvian mare, Catarima, who didn’t want to drink much away from home, now eagerly drinks her Horse Quencher after trail rides. She likes Apple and Butterscotch (Root Beer not so much.) Thank you for your wonderful product and for providing it in packets so we can discover the flavor our horses like best!

HQ carol ingles


Barrel Racer Shelby Winstead joins the Horse Quencher Team

We have used Horse Quencher for both Summer and Winter.  After having a colic scare, we were looking for a better way to hydrate our horses.  We heard about Horse Quencher from a friend and purchased some immediately.  Our horses love it !  They fight for their turn at the water bucket!    If we are on the road, our horses will still drink a different tasting water due to the flavoring in Horse Quencher.  We will never go anywhere with out it!

Use it anytime you want to make sure your horse is getting the water he needs.  Important examples when hydration is essential:   bringing up from pasture after being out all day, after cool down from exercising, rapid weather changes when dehydration happens fast, before you put in the trailer to haul to a show and of course when you are at the show.

I cannot say enough good things about Horse Quencher.  The best way to see the results, is to try it !  Put a handful in a gallon of water and give the horse a few minutes to play in the water and get the taste and you will have to wrestle the bucket away.  Great Product !  Two Thumbs Up !

Kim and Shelby Winstead

Barrel Racers




Tom Seay from Best of America by Horseback writes to Nancy


Thank you for the note.  I have promoted Horse Quencher for two reasons.  First, it works.  Second, it is a company backed by great people.  Quote me, use me.  I do not accept endorsement fees so people will know that I really mean what I say and I am not paid to say this or that.  I credit the use of your product for the success of taking riders from 43 states and 8 countries across the White Sands desert and beyond on our 2,000 mile.  We did not have one single case of colic.  Let me know if I can do anything for you.








I have tried Horse Quencher at the weekend and was completely amazed , he actually drank !!!! , this is the most fussy, stubborn, gelding ever, I will definitely  be buying some , thank you for the sample ………. will look forward to finding my nearest stockist and getting my boy some magic water !!  thank you,  sincerely, Claire Rogers

Before the sample arrived,  Claire wrote to us:

Hi Ellen, I heard about you at your horse live, and was very interested then, but as my horse was really young I didn`t pursue it any further, but to cut a long story short we have started competing over the last year, and he just will not drink, I have tried everything , from putting 3 litres of apple juice in a bucket, to melting polos and adding to water, just water ,chopped apples and carrots in water in a bucket , you get the picture ! He is 15.3 hh, his mum was a red and white pony and his dad an Irish Draught, I really hope your product works I will let you know what happens, thank you. Claire Rogers and Barney J.



Welsh pony drinks ‘foreign’ water with HQ!

I am so glad you asked me how I learned about your product. I have a friend who shows with me at Combined Driving Events. She has minis and one of them tends to colic easily, so she tries to keep him properly hydrated. She found Horse Quencher very helpful in getting her little guy to drink away from home. She offered some HQ to me, as my Welsh Pony doesn’t like to drink “foreign” water either. It worked. I would love to be able to try all the flavors, to find out which one he likes best! Have you ever considered a four pack sample?

Thanks so much,

Francesca Canfield


Thank you for writing and we do offer all the flavors on our website:  Nancy


HQ helps Rocky recover from colic..

A women that used to rep your product, Tina Hoover, had been extolling its benefits to me for some time.  I usually give my horses molasses water nightly (in addition to clear water) to keep them drinking, and they usually love it, so I didn’t see the need to try something else. However, when our 17.2 draft horse, Rocky, colicked, and he wasn’t at all interested in the molasses water, we had to try something different.  There was Tina, ready with the Horse Quencher.  Well, Rocky LOVED it!  Also, when we had trouble getting him to eat the bran mashes that the vet recommended, we used HQ water, instead of plain water, to make the mashes, and, again, he enthusiastically responded.  Rocky seems recovered now, but we plan to substitute HQ water for both of our horses’ nightly water bucket, in place of the molasses water – you have got a believer here!


Thank you for sharing your story Rhonda… Nancy


Sweltering heat calls for HQ popsicles

HQ popsicles

Mix 1/2 cup of Horse Quencher with 1 gallon of water and freeze in cubes. My horses enjoy nibbling on these during the day when it is sooooooo hot. And then of course, they drink more of their regular water too! Nancy


KEEP THESE LETTERS COMING, and send photos!!

This product is amazing, I heard about from a friend on facebook and bought a bag to take with me to a four day State show.  While I watched many horses battle colic while I was there, my horse kept hydrated due to this product.  I will never leave without it.  Thank you.

Frances Hamlett
Thank you Frances for writing to us. Nancy




A note from UK rider – HQ to the rescue..


It is so nice to hear feedback, especially when ponies have not been well. “HI Lucy, it’s Anna who stables my pony at The Spanish Bit in Dorney, Berkshire. This is just a quick note telling you that Horse Quencher saved the day for me. Pops had a high fever 2 weeks ago and I could only tempt him to drink when Horse Quencher was added to his water. I was so relieved about this so a big thank you from me and the pony.”


Horse Quencher ‘does the trick’ to make ‘em drink!!

I heard about you guys on the HGS forum (via google search) as an almost foolproof way to get your horse to drink. I have a 3 yr old and a 21 yr old AQHA mares both are pleasure horses. Sometimes they turn their nose up at the water when we get to horse shows. I used the sample I received while I was showing this weekend and it did the trick to get them to drink!

Taylor Hooks



HQ: the Miracle

I just want to thank you for creating a miracle.  My horse has been sick several times and when we can’t get him to eat or drink, Horse Quencher becomes his special “ treat”, it’s truly amazing. He’ll drink the entire bucket while I hold it!  I am commending you on a job well done.  Keep up the good work!



Thank you for taking the time to write to us Michelle and we are happy to hear that we are able to help your horse!


Welcome Leah Lang-Gluscic !


Swag from my newest sponsor, Horse Quencher arrived today! Love their products, and my horses love it even more!  I am thrilled to be part of the team, such a t…reat to work with a company who genuinely makes a huge difference in the well being of my horses! Very fortunate to feel this way about all my sponsors!


Graduates saddle up for a new challenge

Horse Quencher® cheers alumni champions.


June 2, 2013, Long Valley, NJ — If you enjoy riding and competing on a collegiate equestrian team, and then you graduate from college, what do you do? You compete in the Alumni Tournament of Champions, of course.

Thirty-seven alumni riders from ten states met last Sunday at the Centenary College Equestrian Center in Long Valley, NJ, for an event hosted by two Alumni representatives of the IHSA, the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. They competed in five flat and fence classes until Heather Johnson, of Post University, was declared the Alumni Cup Winner.

Then, because nothing celebrates a college victory like a round of drinks, you bring out the water buckets. You know that saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”? There’s a reason for that saying: it’s extraordinarily difficult to convince a horse to drink when you give it water. Sometimes they will, almost always they won’t, until they’re mysteriously ready.

So it was with stunned surprise that alumni watched during the lunch break while Centenary horses Buddy and Legacy, who had never tried Horse Quencher, slurped their buckets down immediately after it was added to their water.

Alumni Flat Champion Kim Dixon thought it was “a fantastic demo” and Kelly Williams, a Rutgers Alumna exclaimed: “Those Centenary horses showed me how appealing and effective Horse Quencher is. I’m definitely going to pass this information on to my trainer.”

Nancy and David Issenman, CEO and president of Horse Quencher, donated HQ travel packs and t-shirts as prizes for the afternoon classes.

As samples of Horse Quencher were passed among the riders, some actually tasted it and commented on its sweet and salty flavor. “Better than the greasy lunch truck!” quipped one alumna, as she prepared for her afternoon competition.

To learn more about the all Alumni event visit:


HQ Goes Cross Country With Picky Pony

Hi Ellen!

I actually bought two of the 3.5 lb bags from Valley Vet and they arrived before I got the sample. It’s been in the 100’s for temps here in the CA high desert and we’ve been riding a lot and trailering around so I tried it and they LOVED it! My picky pony slurped her whole bucket down at once and wanted more. I have so much more peace of mind setting out on our cross country move next month knowing we have this product on hand.

Thanks for a great product!




Cherie discoveres Horse Quencher

Dear Nancy,
Your product was given as a sample at a recent Horse Trial my daughter attended. She did not get a chance to use it until after we got back home and had to move one of her horses to a new location where he didn’t appear to be drinking enough to her liking. She remembered about this sample and put it in a bucket of water and he immediately drank it down as fast as he could.I just ordered a 3.5 bag of the apple flavor from Valley vet for the upcoming summer and show season but was wondering if there was a way to get a sample of one of the other flavors to try give to one of her other horses. Will definitely tell others at both boarding barns about this product!

Note from Horse Quencher – Of course we sent all the flavors for them to try!!



HQ May Update

Hi Horse Quencher fans! Here’s a quick update from some of our happy customers this month. Do you have HQ news or photos to share? We love to hear from our fans! Send to:

From Susan Nelson:sonoma-park

Hi Nancy, here is your photo from the Horse Quencher Classic at our first show Horse & Hound 2013. The winner is Tara Couch riding Barca Van Het Eikelbos (quite a name eh!)  Tara is a lovely lady and a very talented amateur owner.  She shows with us all season and is a delight to be around. I couldn’t have chosen a better winner for your classic!  She asked me to personally thank you for the sponsorship and was sorry that you couldn’t be there to hand her ribbon to her.  She says that she will buy Horse Quencher and always keep a bucket handy for when she is on the road showing! Thank you again for your wonderful support Nancy!  The Horse Quencher samples have been a very hot item up at the VIP check in desk!  I spoke with Kathy Harper at Cross Creek Tack and gave her all your info on Horse Quencher.  Hopefully she will see what a great product this is and will carry it in her mobile unit!  xoxoxo Susan


From Barb Dobson:

Hi Nancy, I’ve now found the remedy for getting my horses to drink more water. I was so distressed. I feel like I tried everything from adding salt to his feed, to hydration hay. Nothing worked. Both my horses love the peppermint and I’ll be ordering the 20lb bucket. Thanks again! -Barb


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