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Rolex Wrap Up

Wow, what a whirlwind weekend. From moving dressage performances to breath catching moments on the cross country course, to a down to the wire (or penalty, rather) show jumping day that had everyone cheering, this Rolex was simply amazing. As a part of the Horse Quencher team, we were thrilled to be there, and big thanks to Thornhill for giving us space in front of their tent. Friday’s rain didn’t last long, and the beautiful weather that came through for the rest of Rolex made for an incredible weekend.

Big cheers to the Horse Quencher riders, Buck Davidson and Hawley Bennett, who both had fantastic outings. Buck finished 3rd on Ballynoe Castle RM and Hawley Bennett and Gin and Juice (an avid Root Beer Horse Quencher fan) landed in 16th after a lightning fast jumping round that saw 8 faults.  However, everything going on in the ring was just a part of the great happenings at Rolex. Below, we’ve got a recap of Horse Quencher’s week at Rolex in pictures for you to enjoy.

Sorry you missed out on the fun? No worries, we’re always out and about. Come find us at the Jersey Fresh CIC**/CCI*** on the cross country course Saturday, May 10th!

Nancy with Leslie at the Eventing Nation tailgate

Nancy with Leslie at the Eventing Nation tailgate

Fans waiting for Hawley at the Horse Quencher booth

Fans waiting for Hawley at the Horse Quencher booth

Hawley signed autographs for fans

Hawley signed autographs for fans

Picking the winners for our drawing at Rolex

Picking the winners for our drawing at Rolex



Are You Ready for Rolex?

It’s the biggest event in the United States, and an international gathering of horse people. From competitors to owners, riders to fans, friends and family, Rolex is the quintessential place to be if you’re a horse person (especially one that loves eventing). This year, Horse Quencher is excited to announce that we will be there, and you can come meet us and Horse Quencher ambassador, Hawley Bennet, rider of Gin & Juice, on Sunday at the Thornhill tent #102 after the jog.

We will be at the event from Friday through Sunday, and are looking forward to being there! We’re so excited, that we haven’t even had time to pack (yet), though we’ve already planned our course walk, and a picnic lunch for Saturday. So if you will be at Rolex, stop by on Sunday, or look for us throughout the grounds from Friday on and say hi.

And for all of our Horse Quencher fans at Rolex, send us your pictures from the event and we may even feature your photo with your credits on one of our upcoming blogs! We wish the best of luck to our ambassadors, Buck Davidson and Hawley Bennett. We will be blogging from the road as much as we can, so check back and follow us on Facebook for the latest news from the Horse Quencher team at #RK3DE!


We Get Letters – from HORSES!!

HQ Chunky

6 June 2012

Dear Horse Quencher:

Chunky here…(aka: Five O’Clock Somewhere) and I am ever so embarrassed! I had spoken to my typist and she was supposed to get on this note!! I, of course, would have been in touch weeks ago, but alas, I have no thumbs!

What is this story that needs to be shared with the world? Well it’s my story of what’s been happening in the past 12 months . I have been a very busy pony!!  and it’s the story of how Horse Quencher has played an important part keeping me happy, healthy and moving up, up up in the Eventing World.

A year ago in May, I took my first plane ride on a 727 from Ontario, California to New York. From there we all vanned to the New Jersey Horse Park for the Jersey Fresh CCI**.  It was my first “big boy” course, and it was big! But I jumped around like a little champ (Mom, I am not little! Geez just cuz you have thumbs…) While I was there, mom spoke to some folks that had this cool product.  I don’t know the specifics of what’s in this stuff (I’m a horse for goodness sakes!!) but it’s put in my water and I love it!! My favorite flavor is root beer. I love to put my nose in a full bucket of water up to my eye balls, blow some bubbles and then drink up!! Sometimes I make a bit of a mess. Hahahahaha! or NOL = neighing out loud!

My next big trip was the journey through the hot desert in July to go to the Event at  Rebecca Farms.  That’s such a beautiful place (and again, I did really well!) but the going there and the coming home are hot, long trailer rides…and my Hawley always made sure we stopped often for buckets full of water, and everyone always says what a good drinker I am! (Chunky’s note: duh, check out my name “FiveO’ClockSomewhere”) Ok, this is what I think is funny: when we stop, all the girls jump out and haul buckets full of water  to us ponies in the trailer. Sometimes they have to carry it from far away and a bucketful of water is heavy ! Well, I always empty the bucket! NOL!! Then they have to go get more and it’s hot and the water is heavy and far away! (insert evil NOL!)

Everyone kept telling me I was doing great, the dressage got harder, the cross country jumps and courses were bigger and longer. I kept saying “Bring it! I was born for this!!!” but nobody really understood when I said that, cuz I’m a horse! But  then my big sister, Gin & Juice went to England for Burghley and everyone was all “Oh Ginny skipping around yet another four star course”  … yeah people she’s good, but maybe I’m better. Oh sorry, got off topic!  I have the attention span of a…oh is that a carrot? My brother Spy is worse! Anyway, Ginny went to England and had to drink water that came out of pipes that were a couple hundred years old. But she told me it was all good, she got her Horse Quencher and drank up like my mom drank English cider!

So, several shows later and suddenly me and mom are on another plane headed to Lexington Kentucky, and a 24 hour trailer ride to David’s farm in Ocala, Florida. This is what I think about  David’s place: grass heaven!! Do you want to hear the embarrassing part? For the first week I was there, my mom was my groom. How embarrassing was that? All the other Canadian Pan Am team horses had their own groom that wasn’t their mother.  So this is how I handled that: every time she hauled buckets of water to me, I gleefully went snorkeling in the buckets and sloshed water all over while I guzzled! NOL! (typist’s note: Chunky, that wasn’t funny. I have never swept that much in my life! I tried to keep your stall neat & tidy. You did not help.) It was all good when Hawley and Natalia came and then the next surprise: We flew to Mexico! And you know what they say about the water there! NOL! It was no problem for me, I drank like the champion I am. (typist’s note: nothing wrong with this boy’s ego!)

This year we had another marathon trailer ride to Ocala, Florida. Then more training and more shows on the east coast.  We went to the Fork in North Carolina and holy smokes I have never seen that much grass in my life! I was like a rock star again that weekend, it was my first 3*.  Oh and my  sister Gin & Juice was good too. She doesn’t have the appreciation of grass like I do…it took mom and me ½ hour to walk back from cross country, there were so many grazing opportunities.  Mom & Ginny got back from cross country in half that time. Silly girls.

So that next weekend, I didn’t feel well at all and they took me to the hospital. That was no fun, nor was it fun when they scoped my tummy. You’ll never believe what they found…grade 3 ulcers covering 40 % of the stomach.  The vet in Ocala said he hadn’t seen ulcers that bad in a long time!  Well people, I have jumps to jump. They gave me medicine and told Hawley to make sure I drink lots of water. NOL, like that’s ever a problem for me! A couple days off and back to training! I love it! Then I found myself back at Jersey Fresh (so, that was an entire year?) running the CCI ***, I felt wonderful!

This weekend I’m in Bromont, Canada. Slurping that root beer flavored H2O that I love so much.  So, I have to run, I have jogging to do and dressage perform. Then some Cross Country to rock and then more water to drink.  Wish me luck. Oh and my sister, Gin & Juice is here too. Wish her luck too.  I am really sure that I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t such a good drinker. It is a family thing, and it’s a Horse Quencher thing too!!!

Best regards,


Aka: FiveO’Clock Somewhere

Aka: Bad Horse Thoroughbred of Sin (but that’s another story for another time!)


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