Duke loves those ‘tasty bits’ !!

I obtained a free sample of the apple flavor and mixed it up with 3 quarts of tepid water for my gelding who has been drinking a lot less water this fall than he used to. He sniffed the bucket first, sloshed his mouth in it a few times, then started swilling it down! After drinking most of the water, he reached the “tasty bits,” and it got comical as he’d slurp and chew, then slurp and chew until he reached the bottom of the bucket. He licked and licked to get every speck of grain. Then he licked ME as if to say, “Hey, Ma! That was GOOD! More!??” It was pretty cool to see him that enthused about water! When my order arrived, I mixed up a gallon. My gelding smelled it coming! He was leaning on his toes to get to it fast! We also offered half a gallon to a mare who sips very little water. She took one whiff and dove in, going through the same ritual that my gelding did. She made it go away quickly, too! We’ll use it this winter to encourage water intake, and I bet it would taste good in mashes, too. Even my husband commented about the nice aroma of the apple flavor! Horsequencher is a winner!

Diane Benner


Thanks for your sharing your story Diane.. Happy Holidays!! Duke has a very special Mom!

HQ - Duke

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