Katie loves her new saddle pad


Katie Sherwell has been promoting Horse Quencher since 2006!! Thank you Katie and we are happy that you like your saddle pads. We can’t wait to see them in action over those jumps!!


Colic prevented with Horse Quencher

We met Nikole Bennett at the Equine Affair and she wrote to us:

Hi guys! My sister and I talked to you at equine affair in MA this past weekend and we wanted to tell you that our finicky mare loved the peppermint flavor and it was an instant hit with all 6 of our horses! It was actually an awesome thing that you convinced us to buy it because last night we had a horse try to colic and we immediately went to your product and our mare immediately drank a gallon of water and came out of trying to colic within an hour. Thank you again!


“slurping and licking their lips for more…..”


Just wanted to let you know I received my free sample today.   I soaked it in my horse’s stall water bucket for a few hours. I brought him into his stall to see what he would do. Before I could even hang his bucket up, he was sticking his head into the bucket & drank down the whole gallon.  He is my 18 year old OTTB that recently started to colic and his vet found he has gastric ulcers. He was never a big drinker but I always gave electrolytes when the weather changed. However, having ulcers he can no longer have electrolytes. Your product came along at the perfect time !!!!  It is all natural and I have NEVER seen my horse ever go straight to his bucket and not come up for air until it was all gone.  THANK YOU for this product !!!  It is just amazing.. we even tried it with my horse’s stable buddies and WOW, they were slurping and licking their lips for more… Nancy, you have invented an amazing product which will help many horses now and in the future. God bless and many, many thanks again..




Horse Quencher Approved and Available in Canada

The   need for smuggling over, Canadian horse owners 

are   now purchasing their favorite get-‘em-to-drink product locally.


Flemington NJ – Horse Quencher, the “You lead ‘em to water and we’ll make ‘em drink.” miracle cure for dehydrated horses, has announced that prohibition has come to an end in Canada, at least where they are concerned.

Nancy Issenman, CEO of Horse Quencher, said, “We recently received the all-clear from the Low Risk Veterinary Health Product Interim Notification Program in Canada, and immediately cheered on behalf of our many Canadian customers.”

With such cold weather for a longer period, Canadian owners have a much harder slog through winter, trying to ensure their horses drink enough water. On first introduction, some 90% of horses dive right in, with another 9% needing a little more coaxing or a different flavor tried before they become enchanted. Very quickly these 99% of horses look forward to their daily or twice-daily “horsey cocktail”, which usually in turn causes them to drink even more of their regular plain water. (Dehydration decreases the thirst reflex, breaking that cycle with Horse Quencher can   cause the reflex to return.)

With proper hydration, all systems can operate in a healthier way, with performance improved and impaction colic potentially averted. Nancy concluded, “Once your horse is a Horse Quencher fan, all you need to do is throw a handful in his water once or twice a day. It’s that easy! And it does two great things: gives your horse a delicious treat he looks forward to, and even more importantly, helps keep his systems running at the highest level.”

Horse Quencher is available in single-serving packets, a 25-serving pouch, and a 144-serving tub, and in four flavors: butterscotch, root beer, apple and peppermint. All flavors have been cleared as safe for competing, including FEI level. For more information about Horse Quencher, please visit HorseQuencher.com or call 888-QUENCHS.  Canadian customers may contact Kara at www.horsequencher.ca, Tammy and Keir at www.horsequencherbc.ca., or Jenn at www.canpro-horseequipment.com all have all flavors and sizes immediately available.

HQ WarmbloodToday113ad (3)



About Horse Quencher

Horse Quencher is a proprietary blend of all natural grains and flavorings that, when added to   water, make horses eagerly drink. Horse Quencher is especially helpful for travel, competitions, cold weather and illnesses, and also great to pair with electrolytes to aid in recovery after exercise. Because it’s made of all-natural ingredients found in most horse feeds, Horse Quencher is safe for   competition.

Known for its humorous advertising featuring Hawley Bennett’s horses Gin n’ Juice and Five   O’Clock Somewhere “no longer having drinking problems”, Horse Quencher is nonetheless a serious product for a serious issue that most horse owners don’t consider. It seems common sense that horses will drink if they feel thirsty, but that’s incorrect. Because horses lose salt as quickly as   they lose water when they sweat, the salt levels never build up to trigger the thirst reflex as strongly as it is in humans. So, they drink when they feel like it, but not always when they should. Trailering, competing, different water at a temporary location, a new horse in the barn, illness,   temperature extremes and weather changes all distract or deter a horse from taking a long drink of water. Yet, proper hydration is the first and least expensive way to make sure your horse enjoys optimal health and competition performance. At its worst, dehydration leads to tying up, impaction colic, and other critical issues that are best avoided. 




Hi Ellen,

I just wanted to follow up with you…

Colonel has enjoyed each flavor.  I have decided to get a 20lb
butterscotch, order has been placed and is in shipment via Valley Vet Supply.

He has been very eager to get his “treat” after his workouts.
It is nice to have a product that he is happy to get which also gives him a
boost in hydration!

This is Colonel working with me during our most recent local Saddle Club show
at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, GA.  He’s a good boy!



HQ Ambassador Lauren Sprieser

HQ Ambassador Lauren Sprieser is on her way to Region 1 finals and we wish her all the best and safe travels with HQ on board to help with hydration. She recently told us about her veterinarian, Chad Davis, who now carries  some travel packs in his truck to give to clients after he gave some to a colicking client horse and turned him around last year.

Thanks for sharing Lauren!



HQ Ambassador Buck Davidson wins at Galway


You can see the interview on our face book page: Frankie has a great interview with Buck in the video, and he speaks about the family’s history with Petite Flower.

Bred by Buck’s father, Bruce, the mare then went to Caroline Martin, Buck’s student and a close family friend. Buck took over the ride this year to move the mare up to Advanced, and she proved just how good she is with a win in the CCI3* at Galway Downs. I bet we’re going to see this mare make an appearance at Rolex this year, and as a huge advocate of mares, I can’t wait to see her tear it up at Kentucky. Go Buck.


Chester Weber wins 10th National Championship

Congratulations to Horse Quencher Ambassador Chester Weber:


A Perfect 10 for Chester Weber HQ - CHESTER WEBER 10TH win 

Ocala, FL (October 11, 2013) –  Four-in-hand combined driver Chester Weber made American four-in-hand driving history at the at the Kentucky Classic CDE, October 4-6, at Lexington’s Kentucky Horse Park.  Team Weber set a new milestone for the sport by winning an unprecedented 10th national championship.

Weber held a 16-penalty lead heading into Sunday’s cones phase and, despite drenching rains, orchestrated a 9.06-penalty performance from the quartet of Dutch Warmbloods he co-owns with Jane Clark to secure the win and his place in USEF Four-in-Hand National Championship history. Weber finished on a total score of 141.20, reserve went to U.S. driving squads veteran, Jimmy Fairclough, of Newtown, NJ (173.95).

Weber said of his team, “They operated like a dream. I was especially happy with the dressage and cones phases.”  In dressage, Weber put Boris and Para in the wheel, and Ultra and Splash in the lead. For marathon and cones, it was Boris and Splash in the wheel, and Boy and Ultra to lead.

“Boris,” he said of the popular wheel horse, “continues to improve.”  What also continues to improve is Team Weber’s record as the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy next summer draw closer. “Without a doubt, our European experience was invaluable, as it always proves to be, across all disciplines. We finished the season with a record of two wins and two third-place finishes, and I feel that has to leave us as a favorite for a medal next summer. With that said, winners train and losers complain, so back to training we go.”

Training led to a string of success in Europe including wins at the 2014 WEG test event at CAI-Caen, and the CAI-A Saumur, and top three finishes at Beekbergen and Aachen. Add this landmark 10th consecutive national title and Weber’s 2013 campaign is sure to go down as one of the greatest ever.

“Our immediate plans include tackling the Florida shows and spending the next season bringing along more depth to the team with Ringo and Zeppelin,” he said. But first, four-in-hand’s newly-minted ‘perfect 10′ is judging, October 10-13 at the Shady Oaks CDE in Lodi, CA.


Follow Team Weber and the official Cosequin® Marathon Carriage  at www.chesterweber.com and via a link to Facebook.


HQ keeps ‘em drinking all day when away from home

Hi Nancy,
I wanted to touch base with you folks to thank you for the free sample.  My horse, who has never so much as sniffed at water when away from home, even when working hard in 90 plus heat, was interested in the Horse Quencher as soon as I opened the package!  He couldn’t wait to slurp up the flavored gallon.  It also seemed that once he was convinced to drink a little something, he developed a thirst for it, as he continued to drink throughout the rest of the day!
Thank you,
Laura Martino



Problem solved by new alliance with Horse Quencher

Flemington NJ, October 29, 2013 — Horse Quencher, the “You lead ‘em to water and we’ll make ‘em drink.” miracle cure for dehydrated horses, is proud to announce they are now official sponsors of ACTHA, the American Competitive Trail Horse Association.

“I am a dedicated user and believer in Horse Quencher,” said Robin Tilghman, marketing director for the ACTHA. “In fact, whereas most organizers rely on donations from manufacturers, I was actually purchasing single serve packs of Horse Quencher to put in rider goodie bags. That’s how much I believe that every rider should try it! Horses tend to not drink away from home, which can cause serious health problems, and we’d really like to avoid that.” she concluded with a smile.

Robin’s purchase of the single serve packs and obvious dedication to the product incited Horse Quencher co-founder and CEO Nancy Issenman to visit a nearby ACTHA Obstacle Challenge, where Nancy and husband David were able to greet each rider as they came through the “carwash” obstacle, and handed them a sample of Horse Quencher to try.

David Issenman’s favorite story of the event shows just how serious an issue drinking problems are to veterinarians, especially those who live the lifestyle of traveling with their horses. “We were at our booth at the event, and a veterinarian came by with her horse Bubba, who is apparently a very finicky drinker. We mixed him a ‘horsey cocktail’ of Horse Quencher in a gallon of water, and he dove right in and slurped it down. The veterinarian giggled, she was so happy and amazed that he drank, and promptly bought our largest size, a 20 pound bucket.”

“Teaming up with ACTHA is such a natural fit for us,” said Nancy Issenman. “These are active, experienced horse people who take excellent care of their horses, and travel with them frequently, often camping with them for several days away from home. Many of these horses even as experienced travelers, will become dehydrated because they ‘don’t like the water’ at a strange place. Adding Horse Quencher to their water makes them drink it right down, keeping all their systems going and potentially avoiding a colic emergency made worse by being far from home.”

ACTHA’s Founder Carrie Scrima summed up by saying, “Having Horse Quencher join our stable of sponsors is a wonderful thing for the horses of ACTHA and all horses that thirst for the solution of proper hydration. We couldn’t be more pleased and hope to expose this wonderful product to many thousands of fresh users.”

Horse Quencher is available in single-serving packets, a 25-serving pouch, and a 144-serving tub, and in four flavors: butterscotch, root beer, apple and peppermint. All flavors have been cleared as safe for competing, including FEI level. For more information about Horse Quencher, please visit HorseQuencher.com or call 888-QUENCHS. For more information about the  ACTHA, please visit ACTHA.us.


The American Competitive Trail Horse Association was founded to provide trail horses of all breeds a place to showcase their talents in an untimed environment, thereby also providing their riders a chance to relax, ride with family and friends, and enjoy camping together and camaraderie. An important mission of the ACTHA is to provide more “jobs for unwanted Horses”, as ACTHA membership and participation grows, more horses will be tapped to be ACTHA members’ partners in this low-pressure competition environment.

ACTHA has two types of competitions: CTCs and AOCs. Competitive Trail Challenges (CTC) are casual 6-8 mile rides that can be done with family and friends, pausing along the way for each rider to singly perform a judged obstacle. Obstacle Challenges (AOC) are held indoors or in a field, with 8-16 judged obstacles.

About Horse Quencher

Horse Quencher is a proprietary blend of all natural grains and flavorings that, when added to water, make horses eagerly drink. Horse Quencher is especially helpful for travel, competitions, cold weather and illnesses, and also great to pair with electrolytes to aid in recovery after exercise. Because it’s made of all-natural ingredients found in most horse feeds, Horse Quencher is safe for competition.

Known for its humorous advertising featuring Hawley Bennett’s horses Gin n’ Juice and Five O’clock Somewhere “no longer having drinking problems”, Horse Quencher is nonetheless a serious product for a serious issue that most horse owners don’t consider. It seems common sense that horses will drink if they feel thirsty, but that’s incorrect. Because horses lose salt as quickly as they lose water when they sweat, the salt levels never build up to trigger the thirst reflex. So, they drink when they feel like it, but frequently not when they should. Trailering, competing, different water at a temporary location, a new horse in the barn, illness, temperature extremes and weather changes all distract or deter a horse from taking a long drink of water. Yet, proper hydration is the first and least expensive way to make sure your horse enjoys optimal health and competition performance. At its worst, dehydration leads to tying up, impaction colic, and other critical issues that are best avoided.

photo at Kenny Harlow’s Ranch, ACTHA ride: Robin Tilghman, David Issenman, Kenny Harlow and Nancy IssenmanHQ - Robin_David_Kenny_Nancy_9-7-13_0026 (5)



HQ to the rescue in Prattsburgh, NY

Another happy new customer!! Good Morning, I have 29 year old horse (had him since he was one) that I was trying to get to drink more after moving him home where I have well water. He was starting to get dehydrated with the little amount of water he was drinking. I had tried a lot of things, but with not much luck. I started searching the net and came across your product.  I read the reviews with… skepticism, but I was willing to give it a try.I sent for one of your samples, which came very fast.  I followed the instructions with halfhearted belief that I could get him to drink, let alone drink down a gallon in one shot. To my amazement and glee, the old man drink the gallon down in short order and yes looked for more.  Came right in from the barn and ordered more. This has earned a spot in the barn staples.  I won’t be without it now. Thank you for saving my best friend.

Sherry Kujawa Prattsburgh, New York  P.S.  I will pass the word about your product. Truly impressed!


HQ now available in a new store in Idaho

Horse Quencher spent a week driving cattle at the McGarry Ranches in Rexburg Idaho and boy did we have fun. Not only was it a challenging ride but it was fantastic to spend time with friends and learn about REAL cowboy life.

Outlaw Outfitters is our newest dealer and Lana, when not trailering cows, is the owner. www.theoutlawoutfitters.com

McGarry Ranches - Lana

If you are looking for adventure, contact the McGarry Ranches and you won’t be disappointed!



Florida Whips Driving Club member endorsement! :-)

Hi Nancy

I just wanted to share with you that I tried the Horse Quencher that I bought prior to receiving the samples you so generously donated for Camp Black Prong. I offered it to my husband’s endurance horse and also to my carriage horse after a rigorous workout and they both slurped it down until every last drop was gone! This is good news because we had trouble getting my husband’s endurance horse to drink at rides. I feel confident your product solves that problem. I can’t wait to share the samples you sent with our campers and spread the word about what a great product this is! Thank you again for supporting our driving event.


Linda Evans

They are friends of Horse Quencher Ambassador Chester Weber:



ACTHA rider impressed with HQ !!

Hi Nancy,   First I wanted to Thank-you for being a new sponsor with ACTHA!  I just love doing their rides.  I used your product for the first time a Kenny Harlow’s ride & my horse just loved it!!!  That was a very tough ride that weekend. … It got very warm, there was not a lot of water on the trails.  It is normally a one day ride with 6 obstacles but Kenny really put us to the test,  it was a 2 day ride with 8 obstacles each day.  He was giving away a belt buckle  to the rider & horse with the most points.  Well Sonny & I won that buckle,  and I know that the horse quencher  made him feel so much better. There were a lot of horses having a hard time with the heat and lack of water on Sunday, but not Sonny.  So thanks again for making such a great product and for supporting   ACTHA.     Laura Fitzgerald & Sonny

Nice to hear from one of our new customers who was at the ACTHA competition at Kenny Harlow’s ranch in VA. We had such fun meeting all the riders.HQ BANNER FIRST COMES

HQ News from British Columbia, Canada

I got introduced to Horse Quencher at a course this Spring.  What a life saver!  My seven year old gelding always drinks a ton so I never give it any thought – but I noticed that he hadn’t touched his water when I came in the morning after we arrived.  I thought it odd, but just assumed he hadn’t been thirsty  – but by mid-morning he was showing early signs of tying up and I was really worried.  He was thirsty all right – just turning his nose up at the sulphur smelling well water at the facility.  Luckily Tammy from Horse Quencher BC was in the course and offered me a sample.  Wow, I put it in the bucket – and he drained the bucket!  I gave him more over the next few hours and every time it was the same – empty bucket.  Within a few hours he was back to himself and none the worse for the experience.   I think it took me longer to recover!  Can’t say how grateful I was to Tammy and Horse Quencher BC.  I will always carry some Horse Quencher with me when I travel with Kinney now.

Sandy & Kinney, Black Creek, Vancouver Island B.C.


Horse Quencher LOVED by pickiest horses

Hi Ellen,


I love the Horse Quencher sample that we received. I have draft horses and light horse that are working animals. We do weddings and special events and we’re located in Florida. It’s SO important to me that my horses stay hydrated but because we travel so much, we sometimes have trouble getting them to drink. I carry 40 gallons of our water along with us, but it’s sometimes not practical to return to the trailer when we have a longer job. Previously I have added Gatorade or even sliced apples to the water in the hopes that the horses will drink a little while we are working. Although they appreciate the apples, they really don’t get much of the water. I’ve even soaked alfalfa cubes to get them hydrated. What a mess! The Quencher is easy to carry and my Percheron (the pickiest of the boys) loves it. 


Thank you again for the sample and we’ll be buying some more!


Kelly Arnold


Avalon West Carriage Service



Horse Quencher, essential on endurance ride…

We did a 50-mile endurance ride in 100+ degree weather and our horses both had great hydration thanks to all the water they drank flavored with Horse Quencher! It really works and when you have a performance horse that must be hydrated to perform at the top of his game, this product can only help. I just ordered more and won’t be without it at any endurance ride or long training ride.” –Lisa S. (Agoura, California)



HQ Ambassador Caroline Martin update

Dear Nancy Issenman,

I wanted to start off thanking you for your support of my NAJYRC experience this year. Sponsoring our CCI** team really helped our horses perform at their best! Since wining gold at Young Riders I again have been traveling up and down the country competing every weekend!

Following young riders I took my horse Center Stage in the Intermediate division where he had a steady performance just adding some cross country time to his dressage score! I am really excited about conner because he is only seven and he has not even had a full year of eventing! The next couple of days I spent preparing my other string of horses for Millbrook Horse Trials in New York. I took titanium in the advance, center stage in the intermediate, and Rollerskate in the preliminary. Titanium was so great on cross country taking all the direct routes on the course and teaching me so much about cross country riding. Even when I made mistakes he kept forgiving me and carrying on like nothing happen! I am so fortunate that buck gave me such an opportunity. Center stage just completed the combined test however again finishing on his dressage score! My six year old mare Rollerskate completed another preliminary double clean in both phases! None of this was possible without having such a fantastic team behind me!

Returning home from Millbrook we had a fast turn around before heading to GMHA held in Woodstock, Vermont. I got to take Center Stage and Rollerskate with me both of them finishing with no jumping errors. As I am writing to you now I am getting myself unpacked and repacked for Richland in Michigan in less than seven days! I am going to link some videos from these past couple of weeks to this email below!

Thank you again for your support,

Caroline Martin



Surprize! Catarima loves BUTTERSCOTCH..

My Peruvian mare, Catarima, who didn’t want to drink much away from home, now eagerly drinks her Horse Quencher after trail rides. She likes Apple and Butterscotch (Root Beer not so much.) Thank you for your wonderful product and for providing it in packets so we can discover the flavor our horses like best!

HQ carol ingles


Knightwynds Topaz loves his Horse Quencher

Knightwynds Topaz enjoying a nice bucket of Horse Quencher at the Ohio CDE in Sullivan, OH this weekend after having a great run to finish the first day in 3rd place hopefully he can have a good run tomorrow! I know when he is done he will …be looking for his delicious bucket of Horse Quencher that’s for sure! I’m so glad to have such a great product behind my horses and I! Thank you again Horse Quencher for your wonderful support of team RCL!

HQ - rachel laufer

Summer COLIC NO MORE for this horse!




Halleluiah ! It works!! from Wren…

Hi Nancy,

just thanking you for the sample and letting you know that I tested it today on my picky drinker and I used water she doesn’t like and offered it to her at a time of day she never usually drinks, and she drank the entire gallon with the apple flavored test packet you sent me !! And then she went to her water trough which has the water she loves (rain water) and drank MORE-!!  Halleluiah !

I’m going to buy a bunch from valley vet and now I won’t be so nervous about hauling my 3 from Texas to CA !

Thank you thank you thank you!



Read what HQ rider Diane Little says about Horse Quencher

HQ - Trainer-Diane-Little

I was introduced to horse quencher at a horse show earlier this year. When introduced to the product I wondered does this really work? Well let me tell you, it absolutely does! Just like us, it is extremely important for our horses to stay hydrated in order to perform successfully and prevent injury. I am now able to make sure that my horses are getting the water they need to stay healthy.

My gelding tended to not want to drink while trailering. I worried about him during long drives and at day shows where the horses must stand on the trailer all day. Horse quencher solved any worries I had. Not only does he drink the product, I actually find myself pulling the bucket away from him because he wants to drink so much of it. All of the horses I have offered the product to love drinking it.

Horse quencher is great for any horse owner. I recommend having it in your barn and trailer so that you can ensure your horses stay hydrated.


Win Horse Quencher! Horse Radio Network

HQ equitee wheel of trivia

Horse Quencher is up for grabs on the Wheel of Trivia Wednesday morning on the live Horses in the Morning radio show along with hundreds of dollars of other prizes! Call in, play and win! Answer one horse trivia question and spin the wheel to win, it’s that easy.  Call 347-637-3238 at 9:05 am Eastern to play!

Listen to the show at www.HorsesInTheMorning.com.


Now go ride your horse!


Jennifer Hebert
Chaos Control Officer
Horse Radio Network, Ocala, FL

Business Line:  859-951-2022

Find all of the Horse Radio Network’s great shows at:


Barrel Racer Shelby Winstead joins the Horse Quencher Team

We have used Horse Quencher for both Summer and Winter.  After having a colic scare, we were looking for a better way to hydrate our horses.  We heard about Horse Quencher from a friend and purchased some immediately.  Our horses love it !  They fight for their turn at the water bucket!    If we are on the road, our horses will still drink a different tasting water due to the flavoring in Horse Quencher.  We will never go anywhere with out it!

Use it anytime you want to make sure your horse is getting the water he needs.  Important examples when hydration is essential:   bringing up from pasture after being out all day, after cool down from exercising, rapid weather changes when dehydration happens fast, before you put in the trailer to haul to a show and of course when you are at the show.

I cannot say enough good things about Horse Quencher.  The best way to see the results, is to try it !  Put a handful in a gallon of water and give the horse a few minutes to play in the water and get the taste and you will have to wrestle the bucket away.  Great Product !  Two Thumbs Up !

Kim and Shelby Winstead

Barrel Racers




Horse Quencher to the rescue…

We have two registered Arab mares here in Minnesota.  The younger horse (Kheturah – 13 years old) recently had an attack of colic.  Needless to say we were very concerned about her because she was always the horse with no problems! Two different vets examined her and treated her for the condition. Both thought she had colic due to a compaction. The regular treatment of running a hose down her nose to the intestinal system was unsuccessful due to a palate problem. The second examination revealed the same thing, but this time fluids were injected into her system via IV. She improved considerably, but wouldn’t drink the needed water. We had some success with placing apple juice in a bowl of water, and with help, she would drink some of it.  We were very frustrated.  She was hungry and the vet suggested some wet hay in her diet. We did that, but still she was not drinking clear water. Then my wife read an ad in a horse magazine about your product “Horse Quencher”. We looked online and read the stories of other horse owners using the product. We were convinced that this was the answer. We bought a bag of the apple flavor and mixed up a gallon for Kheturah.  She literally “dove in” the bucket and consumed it all rather quickly!  Thanks for developing this wonderful product.  We are planning to give it to our older mare (Coquette) also.  Thank you so much for your inventiveness.  Sam & Betsy Tillman

Thank you for sharing your story.


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