HQ gets those 3 RESCUE DONKEYS drinking !!

Hi Ellen,

I never thought I’d really have a need for Horse Quencher since I never planned on adding a new horse to my little herd of aged horses. However, I found myself rescuing 3 miniature donkeys.

They had a long 300 mile trip to get here but wouldn’t drink once they were unloaded. I remembered that I had that sample packet of Horse Quencher in the tack room……and voil√°…..one tried it and then it was a fight to keep them from getting 3 heads in one bucket!

Don’t know what you’ve got in it but it sure worked! My little rescues are now happy drinking the water here at their new home but Horse Quencher got them hydrated when they needed it most. Thank you!

Laurie Hamilton

Burns, WY

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