HQ helps Rocky recover from colic..

A women that used to rep your product, Tina Hoover, had been extolling its benefits to me for some time.  I usually give my horses molasses water nightly (in addition to clear water) to keep them drinking, and they usually love it, so I didn’t see the need to try something else. However, when our 17.2 draft horse, Rocky, colicked, and he wasn’t at all interested in the molasses water, we had to try something different.  There was Tina, ready with the Horse Quencher.  Well, Rocky LOVED it!  Also, when we had trouble getting him to eat the bran mashes that the vet recommended, we used HQ water, instead of plain water, to make the mashes, and, again, he enthusiastically responded.  Rocky seems recovered now, but we plan to substitute HQ water for both of our horses’ nightly water bucket, in place of the molasses water – you have got a believer here!


Thank you for sharing your story Rhonda… Nancy

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