Junebug LOVES HQ and so do the rescue puppies!!

Just wanted to tell you Junebug loves Horse Quencher. My big girl was rescued from a starvation and neglect situation this time last year, and her vittles are very important to her. She eats and drinks everything, due to her previous circumstances, but she actually enjoys your product. I’ve since recommended Horse Quencher to several friends, and they have reported similar success. We also used a tiny bit of it when we had an emergency involving a litter of rescue puppies a while back; they were in danger of dehydration, and sports drinks and even Pedialyte wouldn’t get their attention. In desperation, my wife mixed up a tiny bit of Horse Quencher, and the guys lapped it up. We were soon able to get them back to full health, and on their way to new homes. Thank you for an outstanding product, and we do hope your holiday season is a joyous time of family and honoring the One who gave us the ultimate gift.
Jefferson Weaver

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