I have tried Horse Quencher at the weekend and was completely amazed , he actually drank !!!! , this is the most fussy, stubborn, gelding ever, I will definitely  be buying some , thank you for the sample ………. will look forward to finding my nearest stockist and getting my boy some magic water !!  thank you,  sincerely, Claire Rogers

Before the sample arrived,  Claire wrote to us:

Hi Ellen, I heard about you at your horse live, and was very interested then, but as my horse was really young I didn`t pursue it any further, but to cut a long story short we have started competing over the last year, and he just will not drink, I have tried everything , from putting 3 litres of apple juice in a bucket, to melting polos and adding to water, just water ,chopped apples and carrots in water in a bucket , you get the picture ! He is 15.3 hh, his mum was a red and white pony and his dad an Irish Draught, I really hope your product works I will let you know what happens, thank you. Claire Rogers and Barney J.


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