Rolex Day 2

Or day 1 for us, since we traveled in on Thursday and didn’t get here until after the show had wrapped for the day…

We’re here at Rolex, and after the dressage scores, things are going really well. There were some squalls of bad weather that pelted us with rain, but overall the show went well, there was a ton of people around, and we got to talk to a lot of people about Horse Quencher and let them know what it was and how it works. In addition to all of that, the cross country course was opened and getting to see some of the jumps up close and personal was quite impressive (and intimidating)! There are a lot of corners, tough questions, and hard rides, and we’re excited to see how things shake down tomorrow.


Jump 12A-B will definitely be one to watch!


Today was filled with great moments even despite the rain. The water complex certainly looks great, the dressage rounds all went well, and even with some wind and chillier than usual temperatures, and cheers to our riders, Hawley Bennett and Buck Davidson on successful days, and congrats to all the riders, and to the beautiful ride Allison Springer turned in on Arthur to hold the current lead! Tomorrow is cross country, and we all know that out there, more than anywhere, anything can (and will) happen. So we plan on being out on the cross country course to watch!

If you missed us at the Thornhill booth today, you can stop by there tomorrow, or find Nancy of Horse Quencher and find out more how we’re helping our riders’ horses stay hydrated, and how we can help your horse, too. Have a great night, and see  you on cross country tomorrow. And don’t forget to stop by Horse Quencher at Thornhill right outside the trade fair building Sunday morning at 9:30AM after the jog for a chance to meet Hawley Bennett!

Horse Quencher rider Hawley Bennett will be at the HQ booth at the Thornhill Sunday morning after the jog.

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