True Believer!


… to a long time riding buddy and seeing her horse with his nose stuck in a bucket of which I thought was a sloppy mash then finding out it was HorseQuencher, I was sold.  Did a few samples and was blown away .. am now a True Believer ..  ordered a Bucket of HQ before the winter settled in and wow, all my horses drink and drink and drink even when the buckets of water are made with ICE water.

For this Summers Camp/Ride/Clinic you can bet HorseQuencher is going to have a place of importance and be the #1 item in the topic of conditioning.
Thank you Nancy, Leslie and Anne for such a wonderful product.
I’m an old time long time long distance and endurance rider who always swears to serve up an ExtraSloppyMash ..  well, this is more than an additon to my ‘old’ program.
Jeannie Keeffe
Arroyo Grande, CA
“Courage is being scared to death,
but saddling up anyway”

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